:wrench: Run into an error response? See the error handling below for the resolutions.

To provide the error information, our API returns standard HTTP error codes in the response body. The following table describes the common HTTP error messages you may receive and possible solutions:



400 - Bad Request

Your request is rejected due to malformed syntax. Please check your request and ensure that it contains all the mandatory fields properly and accurately.

403 - Forbidden

The server refuses to fulfill your request. This may be due to the authorization and scope definitions level that you have. Please check your scope definitions level if you have the appropriate authorization to perform the request or check the error response to obtain information about the possible reason.

404 - Not Found

The requested resource cannot be found on the server. Please try to check the requested resources.

409 - Conflict

There is a conflict between the current state of the target resource and your request. It is most likely to occur in response to a PUT request.

500 - Internal Server Error

Something went wrong on the website's server but the server could not be more specific on the problem. This happens on very rare occasions, please contact us if this keeps happening.

:email: Need help?

If you've run into an issue, please report it by emailing [email protected]. Include a description of the issue you're experiencing, provide steps to recreate it, and share the API call you did including the body/payload and the full responses that you received. A member of our team will reach out for additional info if needed.